Wireless LAN and VPN solutions for the public sector

Public authorities are not immune to the influences that hold for today’s commercial enterprises—the need to save costs and improve productivity at the same time. On the other hand the demands on security have increased, because networks must be closed to the outside to prevent outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to data.

So what does a network in the public sector have to be able to do?

  • Networked, optimized processes, e-Government, faster data exchange
  • Networking of authorities’ various sites and offices (VPN)
  • Security against eavesdropping, sabotage or manipulation from the outside
  • Protection against espionage and hacker attacks
  • Mobile Internet access for employees and visitors (hotspot)

How to achieve maximum security and optimum networking for public sector networks

Our partners have many years experience in the networking of public institutions. They offer the hardware and software, as well as the professional services, with which you can achieve high security in your organization: Routers with an integrated firewall for secure Internet access, VPN solutions for networking multiple sites or to provide connectivity to employees in the field, all-round WLAN solutions consisting of access points, controllers and hotspot solutions for secure guest access accounts, and much more.

To achieve maximum cyber-security for your institution, your best option is to comply with the internationally recognized certification according to the “Common Criteria”. Many European products offer security that is tested to the highest standards (CC EAL 4+) and rigorously avoid what are known as “backdoors” (access for unauthorized persons).

For detailed information about secure networking for public institutions, simply request our free information pack or make a direct appointment with us.

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