Wi-Fi wireless solutions tourism and hospitality

Wi-Fi wireless solutions tourism and hospitality

Wi-Fi is hot in the hospitality sector! Your guests are increasingly taking their own laptops or tablet PCs with them and more and more cell phones are equipped with Wi-Fi. A wireless solution for your hotel, campsite, restaurant or vacation park is therefore an important success factor. The possibilities are extensive.

Advantages of Wireless LAN in Hospitality and Tourism:

  • No more laying and maintenance of expensive cables
  • Access to Internet for everyone, everywhere
  • An Internet connection in every vacation house, caravan, hotel, and meeting room
  • Wireless connections between reception desks, offices, restaurants, kitchens, etc.
  • High security through encryption possible
  • Paid or unpaid access for your guests (hotspots)

Digital signage solutions for hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants are lately using wireless ePaper displays, which are easy to set up and can be used as menu cards in restaurants or for table reservations. They also offer an intelligent and modern alternative for customizable signage in buildings, for example for conferences and seminars.
The content of these Wireless ePaper Displays is centrally managed by a server. With the appropriate Wireless LAN installations, you can transmit the label content directly to your room signage.
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References in the Hospitality Sector

The possibilities of wireless solutions in the hospitality sector are extensive, as you might see in the stories of Pizza Hut in Belgium, Hopper Hotels in Germany, Sallés Hotels in Spain or at Scouting Netherlands.

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