About us

Partnerships with Wireless LAN Specialists

Wireless LAN specialists supply WLAN technology for indoors, outdoors, and industrial environments. WLAN Consulting works together with specialized Wi-Fi resellers who have the necessary knowledge and know-how about the installation and application of wireless LAN networks in various sectors. They know for example about radio technology, the appropriate measuring equipment, hardware and software, and they have practical experience. With their help you can make accurate measurements which are essential for establishing the optimal wireless network.

German Quality

WLAN Consulting is an initiative of LANCOM Systems – a German company that thinks and operates on a European scale and adopts a distinctive ‘Made in Germany’ approach with top quality pre- and after-sales services.

Do you want to know more about LANCOM wireless LAN solutions or would you like support in implementing a project? We would be happy to help and can provide you with additional information.